10 things we love about Cornwall

This week we have asked Sands staff what they like best about Cornwall and here is what they said:

1) Very friendly people: Everyone has a smile for you, people help each other and complete strangers are always ready to have a quick chat in the supermarket, on the beach or wherever your paths may cross.

2) Peaceful and relaxed:  No one is in a rush down here and everything is done “dreckly”.

3) Beautiful diversity: In Cornwall you will find the most beautiful beaches and coastline, woodland, moorland, hills and flat land. You name it, Cornwall has it all.

4) Amazing sunsets: The most amazing sunsets and sunrises that make you feel like you are somewhere far, far away.

5) Tasty pasties – do we need to say more? Once you have that first bite….yummm, you know you are in Cornwall.

6) Local food: Apart from pasties Cornwall also has a whole range of the most delicious local produce including its own wine, ice cream, cheese and if you like fresh sea food, Cornwall is definitely the place to be.

7) Cultural Cornwall: Despite being far away from any big city Cornwall offers an impressive selection of fine arts, live music, festivals and theatre productions plus a wide range of family attractions.

8) Great for outdoor activities: Cornwall is not only a fantastic place for surfing but all sorts of outdoor activities. Canoeing, Fishing, Mountain Biking, Sailing, Rock Climbing, Llama Trekking or Scuba Diving it’s all here for you.

9) Clean, fresh air and…. can you hear the constant noise of traffic and an ambulance passing by?….Me neither.

10)   Beautiful night skies: When it gets dark at night, it is really dark and on a clear night you can see thousands of beautiful stars twinkling over Cornwall.

Anything missing on our list? Surely you can think of more things that you like when you spend your family holiday in Cornwall? Please email us so that we can extend our list even further.

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