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Ice Cream Recipes for Kids

08/07/2013 in: All things Family Holiday, Food & Drink (Comments Off on Ice Cream Recipes for Kids)

Summer is here and at Sands Resort we love spending as much time as possible on the beach or by our pool and cool down with a tasty ice cream. If you still have a few weeks to go until your family holidays then why not bring that holiday feeling home by making ice cream with your kids.

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Delicious meals at Sands

14/05/2013 in: Food & Drink, What's new at Sands (Comments Off on Delicious meals at Sands)

A few photos of our delicious dinner choices in 2013.

Try local food on your short break to Cornwall  

Typical Cornish Food

08/05/2013 in: All things Family Holiday, Food & Drink (Comments Off on Typical Cornish Food)

Apart from great sea views, stunning scenery and a laid back atmosphere Cornwall also offers a great variety of local specialities. To make sure that you don’t miss out on the delicious delights of Cornwall we have put together a list with the most popular local foods and drinks

Chocolate Rasberry Roulade Sands Resort Cornwall  

For your sweet tooth

22/04/2013 in: Food & Drink (Comments Off on For your sweet tooth)

Because it's Monday morning and everyone could do with some cheering up, we thought we'd post some nice photos of our tasty desserts.


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