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To ease check out on departure we take the balance of accommodation charges on arrival, this reduces check out queues when cards are referred to credit card companies, this ties up our card reader and causes delays for other clients waiting to leave. Please note we make no exceptions to this policy.

Section 3 - Choose your dining options

Evening dining arrangements
To best accommodate your family dining arrangements during your stay, we offer three evening dining options which are listed below. During busy periods there is very little flexibility to change tables after arrival, so please choose carefully. If you do not choose an option you will be seated in zone A. Tables of over 8 people can only be organised by prior arrangement, but friends who opt for the same zone can pre-arrange to sit near each other.

Zone A
Please seat us in family area for dinner; we will be eating with children under 8 on our table during our stay. We understand the meal restrictions as set out in the Terms & information pack. If some nights we eat without children we will remain on the same table in zone A

Zone B
During our stay we will only have children between the ages of 8 and 14 dining with us. If some nights we eat without children we will remain on the same table in zone B. (When the hotel is full some tables in Zone B abut Zone A, so there may be young children near your table)

Zone C
We will not be eating with any children under 15 at any time during our stay and would like to be seated in a quiet area of the Bistro if possible. (When the hotel is full some tables in Zone C abut Zone B, so there may be children aged 8 –14 near your table)

ZONE A ZONE B ZONE C Bed & breakfast guest

Section 4 - Extras

Pre-book childcare
Pre-book crèche, kids’ and hobby clubs before arrival to secure your space.

Newspaper deliveries in Cornwall can be a bit hit or miss so please order your daily papers in advance below by ticking you requirements. Papers will be charged to your room. Papers not collected will be charged.

Monday to Saturday


Pre-order extras
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Spa treatments (subject to availability)

See our full treatment list here »

Pre-book your spa treatments before arrival and save 5%.

Take advantage of our Spa Happy Hour and save 15% on treatments taken Monday – Friday, 1pm – 3pm. Min. spend is £45.


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