New Products and Treatments by Spiezia

Cornish skin care products by Spiezia. 100% organic and suitable for any skin type.

Ocean Breeze Spa has just introduced a second skin care range. In addition to our lovely Darphin
products and treatments we now also offer another range of wonderful products by Spiezia. All of Spiezia’s skin care and body care products are handmade with love at The Health & Wellbeing Innovation Centre in Cornwall using only 100% Soil Association accredited organic ingredients.

We have also launched several new relaxing Spiezia spa treatments. All Spiezia treatments have been designed to create a new sense of well being for the body, mind and emotions using Spiezia’s 100% Organic Ingredients and a range of Complementary techniques. All of our signature treatments create a balanced flow for the conscious and sub conscious mind and body.

Spiezia Head in Heaven™  –  85 minutes £69

Slows down the mind – bringing harmony and leaving feeling of complete bliss.

Drift away into a hypnotic state of relaxation with this combination of deep breathing exercises and slow Tui Na Chinese massage techniques to rebalance and calm the upper body.  The treatment includes slow, rhythmic massage to ease tension in the upper back and shoulders and facial pressure points to clear the mind.   Head in Heaven™ provides complete tranquillity and relaxation, promoting a sense of wellbeing.  This 100% organic treatment has been used on Cancer patients throughout the UK.  (Please expect oil in the hair)

Spiezia Organic Stone (SOS)
75 minutes £55 or Back & Neck – 40 minutes £42

This deep massage uses smooth hot and cold stones in conjunction with 100% organic Spiezia oils to ease away tensions within the muscles.  The heat enhances relaxation, promotes detoxification and results in the body feeling serene and uplifted.

Spiezia ‘Soothe Your Sole’ Hand and Foot
55 minutes £42

Using ancient traditional techniques, the hands and feet are slowly and rhythmically massaged to stimulate the natural healing of the body.  An essential 100% organic treat for your hands and feet.

Spiezia Radiance Facial – 55 minutes £46

A 100% organic facial treatment to eliminate congestion, returning normal moisture to the skin.  Specific facial massage techniques help to encourage natural elasticity in the skin.  This treatment restores natural luminosity, leaving you looking and feeling radiant.

Spiezia Renewal Facial – 25 minutes £31

This facial uses 100% organic ingredients to nourish and rehydrate your skin.  Massage techniques help to stimulate circulation and reduce tension within your face, leaving you feeling refreshed.

 Spiezia Teenage Natural Facial (13+ years) – 25 minutes £25

Specifically designed for young skin, this 100% organic gentle facial uses techniques to stimulate circulation and eliminate toxins.  Your skin will feel balanced and completely refreshed.

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