Press Release: Best Family Hotel gets Best Website

Sands Resort Hotel in Porth won Best Family Hotel in Europe 2012 in Trip Advisor’s annual awards and to celebrate its success Sands commissioned local designers, “B Graphic” to create a new contemporary logo and a website that would set a new standard for family friendly web searching.

Owner Nicholas Malcolm and his Marketing Manager Britta Hoffmann set B Graphic a challenge to come up with a multilingual site that had the best of artistic design blended with usability and fun.

“I didn’t want a site heavy with text and loaded with annoying drop-down boxes” says Nicholas “Families want simple bite sized information, lots of pictures and the ability to plan their holidays with a few presses of a button.” “Managing expectations is hugely important and we have ensured our site is truthful and honest. We have even included plans and pictures of every room in the hotel so clients know exactly what they are booking.”

Britta was keen to ensure that the site allowed Sands to make maximum use of social media and that the back end would provide valuable information to the marketing department. “It was great to work with a young web design team who got what I wanted straight away and exceeded my expectations on quality and punctuality” says Britta.

“We are hugely proud of the site” says Colin Higgins of B Graphic “We researched numerous hotel sites to make sure we got this right and working alongside the clients and web designers “Dreamscape” believe we now have a great team to produce more sites of this calibre.”

Colin Higgins from B Graphic with the new Sands Website








Sands’ MD Nicholas Malcolm (right) and Colin Higgins from B Graphic













Contact: Britta Hoffmann

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