Tales from the Crèche

Q&A with children’s favourite Ruth, Childcare Manager at our hotel.

Our smallest guests simply can’t get enough her and we have stopped counting the times when a family returns for their holidays at our hotel and the kids storm through the front door asking: “Where’s Ruth?”.

This week we have interviewed Sands Resort Hotel’s popular Childcare Manager to find out what the Tiny Tearaways are up to whilst you are enjoying a book by the pool or a massage in our spa, making most of your family holidays in Cornwall.

childcare sands resort hotel cornwall

Ruth, tell us about your typical day.
I usually arrive in the early morning long before the kids clubs start and have a look at our sign up list to see how many children are registered for each club and what ages they are.

With that in mind I then sit together with my kids club girls to discuss and plan the activities for the day. Today, for example, we had four 2-years old in our Pirates’ Club and they love messy play so we made pictures with sponges. When the parents drop off their children they often bring a cuddly toy that will help them to settle but in most cases the kids dive straight in and don’t even notice when Mum or Dad leave. The parents then have some time to relax, benefits of a hotel with childcare.

What’s your favourite thing on the menu at Sands?
All the dishes are very tasty but it’s got to be the Chocolate Fondant…with a big dollop of Cornish clotted cream. Mmmmh.

What is your favourite childhood holiday memory?
Being a Scot me and my family (including grandparents) used to spend the Summer Holidays in Ayrshire. I remember lots of fun days spent with my brothers and sisters on the beach. The only way my parents could drag us back home was to play a game called “pit stop” which involved running from bench to bench on the way back to the house.

What are the children’s favourite things to do?
We’ve got a dressing up corner in our Pirate’s Club and the kids absolutely love it. It’s so popular that during holidays we also have a weekly fancy dress party as part of our Evening Entertainment for children.

Younger kids usually really like messy play, for example junk modelling; making collages with boxes, glitter and paper. Making Pirate hats is also a favourite.

What’s the funniest thing a child has ever said to you in the crèche?
Kids say so many funny things, I should write a book about it. I remember a little girl, 3 years old, watching a crying baby for a while and then saying: “Can we not just take the batteries out?”

What would you do if you weren’t running the crèche here at Sands?
Hmm, difficult question to answer. I have never really thought about it before. I like gardening so perhaps I would like Alan Titchmarsh’s job, then I could go and interview people at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Ruth has been the childcare manager at Sands Resort Hotel Cornwall for more than 15 years and has a team of 8 trained and CRB checked childcarers. Sands runs 4 age-banded and Ofsted approved Kids’ Clubs 3 times daily, allowing tired parents to spend a bit of “me time” when on family holidays in Cornwall.

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