Be safe on your family holidays

A few tips from us on staying safe when going to the beach
on your holidays

Safe on beach on holiday with kids

Summer is on it’s way and you are counting the days until your family holidays in Cornwall and spending time on one of the many beautiful long white beaches.

To ensure that you have the best family holiday in Cornwall and to avoid unnecessary sunburns or injuries, especially when on holiday with kids, we have listed a few tips on being safe on the beach for you.

The Sun

  • Encourage children to play in the shade between 11 am – 3 pm.
  • Keep babies under 6 months out of direct sunlight
  • Apply suncream 20 mins before going into the sun
  • Always apply sunscreen, also on cloudy or overcast days
  • Suncream should be at least factor 15 (waterproof if you swim) and should also protect you against UVA and UVB.
  • Re-apply suncream every half an hour for children under 3 and every two hours for children over 3 years or every time you or they come out of the water.
  • Children should wear loose, baggy cotton clothes, a floppy hat with a wide brim as well as sunglasses that have a CE mark and meet the British Standard BSEN.
  • Make sure you and your family drink lots of fluids, preferably water to avoid dehydration and overheating.
  • If you think your kids might get overheated encourage them to take a break in the shade or indoors.

The Sea

  • Check weather and tides before you go to the beach. Make sure you don’t stay in an area that might get cut off by the incoming water.
  • Ideally choose a beach that is guarded by a life guard. i.e. Porth beach is guarded from 10 am – 6 pm during the Summer season.
  • Check for currents
  • Never use inflatables in strong winds or rough seas.
  • Children should never use inflatables without adult supervision.
  • Read safety signs by the entrance of the beach
  • Know your flags. Always make sure you swim between the red and yellow flags when
    you are on a beach that is guarded by a life guard.

The Cliffs

  • Before going for a walk always let someone know where you are going.
  • Stick to the main coastal path and stay well away from the cliff edges which may be undercut or unstable. Pay special attention to your children doing the same.
  • Avoid non official paths, they might be unsafe.
  • Climbing rocks with the kids can be fun but be extra careful as they can be very slippery or unstable. Also make sure you wear sturdy footwear.
  • Never attempt to climb the cliffs, no matter how easy it may look.

If you have anything to add to our tips on beach safety whilst on holiday with kids please feel free to leave a comment in our comment box.