Days out in Cornwall: Walk to the castle in Tintagel

If you are on a Holiday in Cornwall and would like to go and explore Cornwall a little bit you might like our suggestions for Days out in Cornwall. Why not take a trip to Tintagel where you and your children can discover everything about the legends of King Arthur.

tintagel ruine in cornwall

Walk to the castle in Tintagel

A 40-minute drive brings you to Tintagel with the Cornish cliffs spectacular views.

In the village visit the National Trust Old Post Office, a fourteenth century manor house with a topsy turvy slated roof, or walk ½ a mile out to the ruins (a landrover runs a passenger service in season for those of you unable to face the walk back up) of the 12th century Castle– birthplace of so many Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

After stopping to have a look at the 13th century castle remains, cross the wooden bridge to the Island and climb the steps to more ruins. The views are even more memorable.

Don’t miss the opportunity to walk along the Cornwall Coast Path from the Castle, west along Glebe Cliff to St Matriana’s – a Norman church in a stunning setting high on the cliff top, with views back to the castle ruins.

There are several Inns and restaurants in Tintagel village. Ideal for a day out when on Holiday in Cornwall.