Honesty Policy

We like to be honest about our hotel and its rooms.

We are not a luxury hotel, but we still think we can give you a great value holiday in contemporary surroundings.

We don’t have lifts but we are always happy to help you carry things up the stairs.

We are lucky to be overlooking the ocean and this allows us to be a perfect location for families with young children. However the combination of salt air and hundreds of little ones (doing what kids like to do) can lead to some wear and tear around the hotel. If you notice something that needs our attention please draw our attention to it and we will do our best to sort it out as quickly as possible.

We do have the ocean to one side and the countryside to the other but there is a road between sea facing rooms and the sea. It is a B road and does have some traffic but we hope the view over the ocean makes up for that.

Hotels can be noisier than living at home and there are often other guests who may not have the same outlook on noise, children’s behaviour and getting up times as you.

We will never knowingly mislead you regarding the hotel and recommend that you speak to a reservation manager if you have any queries or concerns regarding your booking (as junior receptionists may not have complete knowledge of every room’s outlook and facilities).