Ice Cream Recipes for Kids

3 ideas for making ice cream with your children

Summer is here and at Sands Resort we love spending as much time as possible on the beach or by our pool and cool down with a tasty ice cream. If you still have a few weeks to go until your family holidays then why not bring that holiday feeling home by making (and eating) ice cream with your kids.

Here are three easy recipes that should only take a few minutes and children from the age of 3 can help you prepare the ice cream. Enjoy!

Strawberry Ice CreamIce cream making with kids


400g ripe strawberries (so it’s easy to mash them)
250g mascarpone
½ x 397 g can condensed milk
Ice cream cones and sprinkles

Alternatively you can also use peaches or bananas for this recipe.

How to make the ice cream:

Cut or pull the green stalk out of the strawberries and put them into a flat bottom dish. With a potato masher squash the strawberries as much as you can and put them into a bowl.  Add the mascarpone and mash this in – don’t worry if it is a bit lumpy, then add the condensed milk and mix everything together. Don’t worry if the mix is streaky. Fill the mixture into a metal or plastic box and put it in the freezer. Wait until the next day or at least 6 hours before scooping into bowls or cones. Decorate how you like.


Home made drip free Jelly Ice Pops


1 Pack of jelly with your favourite flavour. Strawberry or cherry was very tasty.
240 ml Orange Juice
Fruits – for example mashed bananas,  pureed peaches, strawberries, blueberries or any of your favourite fruits.
240 ml Hot water

How to make the ice cream:

Mash the fruits whilst boiling the water. Stir the jelly in the hot water until fully dissolved.  Add the orange juice and fruits and fill your ice pop moulds with the mixture. Wait for a few hours and enjoy!


Superfast Ice cream


300 gr Frozen fruits (strawberry, raspberry or mixed berries)
150 gr Yoghurt (or cream)
1 – 2 tbs Icing sugar (depending how sweet you like it).

How to make the ice cream:

De-frost the fruits for about 30 min, then blend together with the yoghurt and icing sugar. You can either serve (and enjoy) it there and then served in a bowl or put in the freezer for another 30 – 60 min and stir in occasionally. Afterwards you can scoop it into cones and decorate it with sprinkles or jelly beans.

Let us know which one you liked best or if you have your own easy, kid friendly ice cream recipe please send it to us!