Love Cornwall in Winter

As part of a recent competition we’ve asked you to tell us why you love Cornwall in Winter and your response has been absolutely amazing.

We received so many lovely entries from you and if we weren’t convinced already your entries made us admire and appreciate the beautiful county that we live in even more.

Read on for some of the wonderful stories, memories, notes and poems that have landed in our inbox:

Dramtic sunset at Porthcothan Bay near Newquay Cornwall England

Dramtic sunset at Porthcothan Bay near Newquay Cornwall England

“I love Cornwall in the winter. There is nothing better than walking on the moors on a dry, frosty day under the blue sky. “ Jodie

“We love Cornwall in the winter because of the white snowy beaches, icicles hanging from the cliffs and the soft wintery tones of sky and sea.” Flora

“I love Cornwall in winter because we live on a windy cliff and we can watch the most incredible waves pounding and feel the spray against our faces. I light the fire and get cosy with my family and Jumble the dog. The surf can be amazing and walking is full of energy and excitement. Lots of interesting gifts wash up on the beach and in spite of the dramatic weather we have a certain peace and tranquillity.” Naomi

“I love Cornwall in the winter as the tourists have calmed down and its peaceful and relaxing, scenic and beautiful , i love sitting and having a coffee whilst looking out over the sea and country side.“ Sharon

“I love Cornwall in Winter because the frosted coastline sparkles like magic and it is so rewarding after trekking along the Cornish terrain to find a cosy pub with a roaring fireplace and a live band playing!“ Francine

“I like Cornwall in Winter time because it has crisp blue skies go for a walk along the beach, relax and unwind after a hectic day.” Michelle

“I love Winter in Cornwall because it means staying with friends, long walks, no washing up! Being able to relax & enjoy with family & friends. Fantastic seafood, splashing in the sea in your wellies & woollies whilst walking the dog. Log fires as well as great food & drink. That is why I love Winter in Cornwall.” Jane

“Cornwall is one of the best and most beautiful places we love to visit during holidays as a family, in particular at Winter time when Summer visitors have all gone home, leaving behind them beautiful empty beaches, deserted cliff paths and quiet cafes, and quaint old pubs where there’s always a seat by the fire. We also totally enjoy wrapping up and going on walks up towards Godrevy Lighthouse amidst immense winds and massive waves- nothing more refreshing and stimulating. “ Gulnora

“Long winter walks along the beautiful coastline, Breath taking scenery, Delicious, freshly prepared and cooked food in a warm, cosy atmosphere, Enchanting and magical Christmas markets, The friendly people who always make you feel so welcome, Quality hotels and first class spas to relax and unwind, Cornwall is the only place to be in winter and my best kept secret!” Jo


“As the days draw in and we begin to go into hibernation mode as we feel the cold. We morn the loss of summer and the beautiful long days. Then on a bright cold sunny afternoon you head to the beach to feel the sand under your feet. You feel alive as you feel the wind on your face and smell the salty air in your nose.
All you cares float away with each crashing wave. You are grateful for the wellies on your feet, the hat on your head and the coat on your back that allow you to enjoy this beautiful place all year round. Feeling truly revived you head to the local pub for a lovely warm hot chocolate or whatever takes your fancy. As you huddle around the fire you feel warm inside. This beautiful, magical, rugged county called Cornwall has truly touched your soul. You’ll sleep well tonight. Thank you Cornwall. “ Dionne

“I love Cornwall in the winter because you can wrap up warm and still enjoy the beach, watching the white horses rolling in and have the winter blues and cobwebs blown away. In some ways the rugged scenery of the Cornish coastline is easier to enjoy when you’re not desperate to have a dip in the sea or sunbathe or surf, you just seem to het more time (and space) to soak up the views in the winter.” Jackie


“I love Cornwall in winter as the weather is exciting. Stormy seas, lashing rain and empty beaches thrills the senses and peels away the gloss of summer for a more raw spiritual beauty.” Joanna

“Cornwall’s the best place to be in winter, with our green fields or sandy beaches we are spoilt for choice! Crunching of Icy grass or sand under your wellies is the best feeling, and if we are lucky enough to get snow, there’s plenty of fields for sledding ☃ Also Santa gives the best presents to the Cornish because we can leave him some clotted cream with his mince pie and sherry “ Gemma

“I love Cornwall in winter as it is a magical, wonderful place, a jewel in the crown, often overlooked by many. The waves crashing on the beach, the brisk walks, holding on to each other for support as the wind gusts around you. The smell of the open fires and the warmth that ends a cold day walking in the sea air and tasting the salt of the sea in the air.” Anne-Marie

“Anytime of year is perfect for visiting Cornwall, but when it’s just the two of you, then the winter time is perfect. Beautiful pubs with log fires, fantastic seafood straight off the boats, empty beaches to walk the dog, windy cliff paths for breath taking views on coastal walks. “ Ed

“My partner and I love Cornwall in winter because the crowds have gone and the scenery is just spectacular. Off go the summer flip flops and on go the wellies. Long walks along the beach followed by a cosy dinner and drinks in a pub surrounded by the locals, we just love listening to them have banter among themselves and you always a get a lovely welcome and before you know it you are part of the banter and no longer just listening. You get lost in your own thoughts as you listen to the waves crashing against the landscape, Cornwall in the winter is a time for relaxing with great food, great company and the best scenery in the world. A trip to Cornwall in the winter months should be prescribed to everyone, a time to chill and forget about your day to day troubles.” Sue

A Cornwall Winter Poem by Lynda
“I want to go to Cornwall again, to experience the spectacular views and the turning tide
So exhilarating, but yet so peaceful. The beauty of the dramatic Cornish landscape cannot be denied.

I want to go to Cornwall again to experience the windy breeze
which makes my whole body freeze.

To look up at the sky to see the white clouds flying,
to see the sea spray and the waves spume and to hear the sea gulls crying.

And I cannot think of anywhere better in Cornwall to dwell
than the Sands Resort Hotel.”

Sunset at West Pentire above Crantock near Newquay and looking out to Kelsey Head and Porth Joke

“Walking along a near-deserted sandy beach in the early morning under a cloudless, cobalt sky with an icy wind whipping around my face reaching the only part of me exposed, the rest tightly wrapped in layers of warm armour against the elements.
Climbing up the steep, stony cliff path buffeted by the unrelenting wailing wind. Pausing briefly to listen and look at the roaring surf and the haze rising from the waves, then continuing on to the top, finally stopping to gaze with awe at the breath-taking coastline stretching ahead, as far as the eye can see.
Spotting a welcome memorial bench on top of the cliff, gratefully sitting down and drinking steaming hot chocolate from a flask. Watching the seagulls glide serenely in the air currents. Unwrapping a restorative chocolate biscuit, whilst a seagull drops at my feet, turns his head and gazes at me expectantly with one eye.
Stumbling into a warm, comfortable hotel room after a long trek. Prising off my walking boots, resting on the bed with a soothing cuppa, and then ambling to the indoor pool to ease those aching limbs, and reawaken the senses.
Heading out again on a surprisingly warm, still, evening. Snacking in a cosy pub and then heading over to the cliff-top. Waiting for the fizz and bang. Marvelling at a thousand diamonds glittering in the black velvet sky as fireworks are sent soaring from the beach below, lighting up the hidden coastline.
And in the winter months the wind drives through like a knife.
I want to go to Cornwall again and dream of when here I can spend the rest of my life.” Gill

“I love Cornwall in the winter because it’s simply a beautiful part of the country all year round. Even more so in winter. Typically renowned for its thriving Summer holidays, you can’t beat the cosiness in the Winter. Visiting old English pubs with roaring log fires, or walking along the sea front with scarves, hats and mittens on, there’s just something that always draws me back to this place. For me, there is always plenty to do, I love visiting all of the vintage little shops selling unique gifts you only find in Cornwall, and of course not forgetting the traditional fudge shops! You’ll also still catch me walking along the sea front with an ice cream in my hand, winter just makes me enjoy this beautiful place that little bit more.” Emma

What I love about Cornwall in winter:
“Cornwall is a beautiful mesmerising place especially in the winter when you can see the fog forming, the sun rising in the mist, the waves in the sea, the fresh breathe of air which makes you feel alive and appreciate life.
Its truly spectacular.
The best thing about travelling to Cornwall in winter for me is that it’s therapeutic, it has always helped me to relief stress and find peace within in my self. Soaking my feet in to the freezing cold sea, looking in to the sea and being able to release my thoughts and mesmerised by the beauty of Cornwall.
Also, being able to see the sun set by the sea, and hills and becoming so mesmerised by nature; for a moment you forget everything around you and appreciated that quite moment you have. Another thing I love is waking up early in the morning just before the fog starts to disappear and going for a walk or a early morning jog and seeing nature at its best. Inhaling the cold winter air of Cornwall, seeing the majestic view of
Cornwall while the sun rising to its horizon.
I’ve have travelled to see several different places but when I saw Cornwall i truly fell in love. It’s not only a wonderful place he people there are so warm and caring that it feels like home. The winter beauty of Cornwall is enticing, It captivates each feeling within you, Each day, each moment is new.”


“The best things about Cornwall in winter is the complete attack on your senses! Crisp clean air biting at your ears and rushing past flush cheeks, an array of smells from fishing boats to local restaurants, fine sand that sneaks it’s way into every pocket! Reminding you of your time away for weeks to come! The sights you see in Cornwall are like no other; coloured cottages, quaint little boats, sea birds, grassy fields and tight country lanes. No matter what time of the year, Cornwall is simply gorgeous.” Catherine

“We love Cornwall in Winter as there is nothing better than bracing walk in your woollies along the dramatic coastline, and then some hearty Cornish cuisine. Makes you feel alive! “ Mr and Mrs Sleigh

“Worries melt away with a long coastal walk Leaving the phone at home – no texting, just talk Drinking hot chocolate with a fantastic beach view So much rest and relaxing to do Cornwall in Winter there’s nothing better Just make sure you pack an extra sweater.” Sam

“I will tell you why I love this place
it puts a smile on my old face
when cold its clean
when warm a dream
my inner health in my own hands
to walk them lovely Cornwall sands”

“Our favourite time is winter as the beaches are quieter, walks all wrapped up are special with a glass of something by a fire after and the sunsets can still be spectacular. The sea is still lovely to dip into and sometimes warmer than any other time of year but colder when you get out! I love my morning runs along the cliff tops with the amazing changing scenery! “ Kim

“Mucky boots and whipping winds
Solitude and reflection
Hearty meals and waggy tails
Cheerful soles, Cornwall’s natural beauty. “

“What makes it special in Cornwall is to be able to walk on a wide expanse of beach on the north coast, with the wind whipping your hair, the cold pinching your nose, watching the sea rage and roar, waves crashing onto the shore, finding brief respite in a sheltered cove to feel some warmth from the sun and breathing fresh salty air. It is exhilarating and invigorating, makes you feel alive. Afterwards there is nothing better than going to a cosy bar or restaurant overlooking the coast to enjoy a hot chocolate. My idea of a perfect winters day!”

‘The Gentle Quiet’ by Stephanie

The leaves have gone from the trees,
The foam ever powerful in the sea.
The frost sits lightly on the grass,
A gentle quiet not certain to last.

The beaches empty, room to play,
Cosy pubs tempt you to stay.
Fires blazing in every room,
A gentle quiet gone to soon.

Icicles form in castle follies,
Wildlife nestles beneath the holly.
The magic of Christmas sweeps the streets, A gentle quiet beneath your feet.

Hats and scarves become the norm,
Sheltered away from the storm.
The promise of Spring is in the air,
The gentle quiet seems not care.

“I love Cornwall in the winter because you get to breath in the fresh ocean air. The wind is so strong near the ocean it holds your own weight up when leaning against it. I love the image that the sea creates when it is hitting against the rocks. The long perfect walks around the coats, seeing views completely different to what you would in the summer. What I love most in the winter in Cornwall is that you have a fresh mind and space, it’s quite and it’s all yours. Perfect. “ Jessica

Winter In Cornwall Is….
Cold blustery days walking on the beach.
Onesies at night, keeping us warm.
Red and orange leaves at Malpas Park.
Nights drawing in, better light a fire.
Wet rainy days, only means one thing…
A nice hot chocolate at Sands Resort!
Lazy days spent with friends,
Looking out to see until the day ends.

“Blue skies, amazing winter light, bright sun, fantastic food, beautiful clear views and bracing walks…and is there anywhere else in the UK where you could go paddling in a warm sea of 14 degrees in November! (Photo below was taken on the 2nd)” Sue



“Cornwall and, in particular the stretch of coastline that Sands Resort Hotel & Spa is located, is one of the most breath-taking places in the UK. There’s something about the sea, the dramatic cliffs and views from the hotel, and the walk along the National Trust coastal path that truly inspires.

I like to walk and run the paths from Porth to Watergate bay and beyond in all weathers and seasons, whenever I have visited Sands. I like to get wrapped up visit places like Bedruthan steps or experience the stunning walk from Trevone to Newtrain Bay. I also love the quieter towns and villages, where there are many amazing places to visit, eat and drink throughout the winter. And if anything, the warmth of the hospitality will always
make up for the colder temperatures.

In the winter the winds are stronger, the sea and sky darker, moodier and more powerful. The surf rips and tears against the rugged cliffs, churning and foaming. There’s something about this constant force that can melt away thoughts, and clear the most cluttered of minds. And if the view doesn’t, the wind whipping through you certainly will. But of course you also get some fantastic sunny yet chilly days too.

I love the beaches in winter, strolling hand in hand with my wife or playing games in welly boots and coats with the kids. Time is the most precious of gifts and certainly well spent in Cornwall, whatever time of year.” James


“I love, love LOVE Cornwall in the winter…in fact there’s no where in the world I’d rather be.
My favourite thing to do is wrapping up warm and getting outside to enjoy a blustery walk along the stunning coastline.
Doesn’t matter how many times I see those awesome views, I always find them breath taking. From stomping along winding cliff top paths to exploring little coves and beaches;
there’s always somewhere new to discover and the winter is an ideal time
because it’s so quiet…you can enjoy your own little stretch of treasure land.
Then it’s back inside to warm up with a nice hot drink in front if a roaring fire (and a cheeky afternoon tea if I’m feeling naughty 😉) Rain or shine, it doesn’t matter – get outside and enjoy all this natural beauty we’re so lucky to have all around us.” Laura


“We love Cornwall at any time of year! In winter – Romantic walks on the beach, big jumpers, open fires, cosy chairs, long stretches of beach with fresh air and not many people, hot chocolate, peaceful, beautiful coastline, afternoon cream teas, galleries, boutique shops, window shopping, luxury stays. Blow the cobwebs away! “ Philippa
“The reason we love Cornwall in the winter is the quietness after the busy summer season. The gorgeous walks across the creamy sand whilst listening to the sound of the waves talking to each other as they race across the shores. The amazing hill top walks wrapping up warm and walking through the crispy leaves taking photos of the beautiful views.” Donna

“What an amazing, beautiful place at all times of the year. The early morning crisp dew, an enchanting place with so much to see and do. wrapping up warm and going for long walks, hot chocolate and marshmallows and happy fireside talks. The children running as fast as they can along the beach kicking the sand. Whatever the weather Cornwall is just magical and a wonderful, happy place to be. Can’t wait to return!” Marlene and family

“I love Cornwall in the Winter because… of the chance to go for crisp clear walks in the winter sunshine, feeling the cool breeze off the sea. The cliff top walks are spectacular, and a walk on the beach in winter makes you feel happy to be alive! After the winter walks, it would be perfect to retreat indoors for a warming hot chocolate and a hot bath, a relaxing massage, and to look out on the amazing views of Cornwall.” Lucy

“Cornwall in the winter is just as beautiful as Cornwall in the summer, Spring and Autumn! Being Cornish I’m biased! However; of all the places I’ve travelled to, nowhere beats home. The winter in Cornwall means blowy walks on the beach wrapped in woollen scarves and hats to watch the Atlantic storms crash the coast, dodge the waves with the boys and big hot chocolates in quirky cafes to warm up afterwards. The crisp mornings driving to work and cosy homes waiting at the end of the day! The beautiful starry skies and moon reflecting on the sea. Ice skating at Eden and the city of lights parade in our home town Truro. Christmas wreaths made with handpicked hollies form hedgerows A wonderful Cornish Winter. We can’t wait!” Rebecca

“Well what can I say, why do I love Cornwall in the Winter, beautiful scenery, amazing sunsets and sunrises, beaches that are deserted that you can explore to your hearts desired. I just love it all……” Jose

“The freshness of the air and the vitality of the sea and skies; whether shrouded in mist or howling a gale, whether still or crashing on rocks Cornwall breathes Life into my soul.” Catherine

“I love Cornwall at any time of year, but in the winter free from crowds and traffic jams. Hot soup, warm blankets, a blustery sea salt spray and my soul mate by my side is my idea of heaven.”