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Get pampered with our wide range of luxurious and holistic body treatments


Organic Hot Stone Massage
This massage uses smooth hot stones in conjunction with Spiezia oils to ease away tensions within the muscles. The heat enhances relaxation, promotes detoxification and results in the body feeling serene and uplifted.
Full body massage 75 mins, £59Back, shoulder, leg & foot 40 mins, £45

Head in Heaven Massage
Slows down the mind, bringing harmony and leaving a feeling of complete bliss. Drift away into a hypnotic state of relaxation with this combination of deep breathing exercises and slow Tui Na Chinese massage techniques including facial pressure point massage to rebalance and calm the upper body. This treatment is also suitable for cancer patients. 85 mins, £70

Rose Indulgence Complete Body Wrap
This luxurious wrap gives a sensation of complete invigoration with dry skin brushing from head to toe leaving the skin softened and hydrated. The tension is then melted out of overworked muscles and joints with a rebalancing body massage. 90 mins, £70

Pregnancy Pampering Massage
This wonderfully nurturing whole body massage is aimed at giving ‘Mum to be’ a very special experience and taking her into a completely relaxed world. Slow, smooth massage techniques are used in this treatment to calm and alleviate any aches and pains, organic oils help to prevent stretch marks. A fantastic treatment for any Mum in their second or third trimester.
Full Body Massage 90 mins, £65
Back Massage 45 mins, £40


Our Holistic Treatments are combined with the finest 100% organic essential oils with no added chemicals or preservatives. Each oil is blended for a specific therapeutic purpose.

Deep Tissue Back Massage – Firm pressure
A deep massage that loosens tense muscles, breaks up knots of tension and relieves stress. 25 mins, £34.50

Full Body Massage
A therapeutic full body massage using a variety of expert a massage techniques for stress reduction, relaxation and detoxification. 55 mins, £ 46

Aromatherapy  Massage – Light to medium pressure
The art and science of using plant essential oils and massage to encourage the body to heal itself, promoting well-being, easing tension and reliving stress.
Full Body Massage 55 mins, £48

Back, Neck & Shoulder 25 mins, £35

Indian Head Massage
This traditional Indian therapy practised for over 1000 years guarantees to lift you out of the stresses of daily life. The massage targets the back, neck, shoulders, face and head, which are the energy centres of the body, where stress accumulates causing muscle pain, tension and headaches. 25 mins £29

Warm Bamboo Massage
This specialised massage technique uses silky bamboo canes throughout to deeply stretch and massage the body. The unique massage releases muscle tension and tightness, improves the circulation and lymphatic flow to aid detoxification of the body. Its regenerating and revitalising effect leaves the body feeling deeply relaxed.
Full Body Massage 85 mins, £62
Back & Leg Massage 40 mins, £45


Soothe your Sole Hand & Foot Massage
Hand and arm, foot and calf massage using Chinese massage techniques that detoxify and rebalance, restoring the natural flow of the body’s healing energies. 55 mins, £45

Nourish & Nurture Hand Massage
Using the finest organic hand balms, this hand and arm massage will help to calm and nurture tired and achy hands.
25 mins, £22

Rejuvenating Foot Massage
Refresh and invigorate those tired feet with this relaxing foot massage. Using a soothing leg and foot balm with peppermint will cool your feet and the circulation will be increased to make you feel like you are walking on air.
25 mins, £22


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