Our Lunch & Snack Menu

Lunch is served daily from 12 – 3pm. Drinks and snacks are available from the bar all day.

Lunch menu

A bowl of homemade soup with fresh bread – £4.45

Healthy salads

Moroccan Mezze Platter: Leaves, bulgur wheat, harissa hummus, olives, pickles, raita, taramasalata, pitta bread – £9.50
Chicken, Bacon Caesar Salad: Baby gem, egg, croutons, sun blush tomatoes and shaved parmesan with a caesar dressing – £8.95
Smoked Mackerel & Prawn Salad: Olives, sunblush tomatoes, mixed peppers, red onion and chilli flakes. Served with crusty loaf and french dressing – £8.95

Grilled panini

Served with crisps and coleslaw.

Ham and mature cheddar – £5.95
Cheese and tomato – £4.95
Tuna melt with mayonnaise and cheddar – £5.95
Chicken, pesto and mozzarella – £6.95
Kids panini plain cheese or ham with ketchup – £3.95

Chunky meal

Served with chips and salad garnish and coleslaw

Sands Burger: 4oz beef burger with bacon, cheddar, iceberg and mayonnaise – £8.45
Sands Super Burger: 4oz beef burger with bacon, pulled pork, cheddar, iceberg and mayonnaise – £10.95
Veggie Burger: 4oz spicy bean burger with iceberg and mayonnaise – £7.95

Jacket Potatoes

Served with salad garnish.

Plain with butter – £3.95
Chilli beef – £6.95
Five bean mixed chilli (v) – £5.95
Tuna melt with mayonnaise and cheddar – £5.95
Cheese, beans and ham – £6.95
Cheese and beans – £5.45

A bit on the side

Chips – £3.50
Green leaf pesto salad – £3.00
Cheesy chips – £4.50
Side of coleslaw – £2.00
Garlic bread – £3.95
Side of beans – £2.00
Spiced wedges – £4.00
Onion rings – £3.50

Something for the little ones

Fish Goujons: Served with chips and beans – £4.95
Chicken Goujons: Served with chips and beans – £4.95
Burger in a bap: Served with ketchup and crisps – £4.45

Meal deal

Served with an apple, crisps, water or a box drink (orange, apple or blackcurrant).

Ham Sandwich – £4.00
Jam Sandwich – £3.45
Cheese Sandwich – £3.85
Cheese on toast – £3.95

Drinks & Snacks (available all day)


Selection of crisps – £0.60
Piece of fruit – £0.50
Chocolate bar – £0.60
Homemade cake – from £2.25
Lollipop – £0.30
Homemade biscuits – £0.60
Cream tea – £4.95

Chocolate Fondue – £6.95 per person
Enjoy a delicious chocolate fondue with peaches, strawberries, meringue, grapes, foccacia and marshmallows.
Needs to be pre-ordered. Minimum 2 people.

Hot drinks

Selection of teas and coffees from £1.60
Luxurious Hot Chocolates from £3.50


Mango Dream 400ml £3.50
Mango and Pear

Snowberry 400 ml £3.50
Blueberries, Raspberries, Cherries, Strawberry and Yogurt

Green Reviver 400 ml £3.50
Curly Kale, Lemon Grass, Banana and Mango


Made with fresh Cornish milk 300 ml £2.50
Choose from Chocolate, Strawberry, Raspberry or Banana

Freak Shakes

Eaton Mess £7.00
Strawberries, meringue, sprinkles, popping candy, marshmallows and an ice cream cone with strawberry sauce.

Chocolate Heaven £7.00
Chocolate brownie pieces, maltesers, smarties, chocolate sprinkles, marshmallows and a wafer slathered in chocolate sauce.

Alcoholic Beverages

Glass of wine from £2.80
Bottle of wine from £15.00
Selection of Draught Beer & Cider from £4.00
Spirits from £2.80