10 best travel games for long car journeys

Have fun when going on a family holiday in the UK

best travel games for the car

Not long to go now until your well-deserved holidays. Something to look forward to if it wasn’t for the long journey with the kids in the car when going on a family holiday in the UK.

One way to make the start of your holiday a bit more exciting  is to play some fun games in the car. We have listed our top ten car games for you to make sure that the time flies by quickly.

Here are our Top 10 Travel Games when travelling with kids:

Tell a story
Tell the first sentence of a funny story and the next player has to say the second sentence, the third player the third sentence and so on.

Yes and No Game
Take it in turns to ask each other questions. The person who replies is not allowed to answer with yes or no.

Where are we going?
Ask “Where are we going”? The second player for example answers, “Porth”, you then ask: “What are we doing there?” and the second player says “Playing Tennis”. Each activity has to start with the first letter of the Travel destination. i.e. Edinburgh – eating pasta or Rotterdam – running a Marathon.

Pack your suitcase
You say: I am packing my suitcase and I will pack a T-shirt. The second player says: “I am packing my suitcase and I will pack a T-shirt and trousers.” The third player says:” I am packing my suitcase and I will pack a T-shirt, trousers and sun glasses…..and so it continuous until someone forgets a word or you can’t remember all the items in your suitcase. You can also pack unusual things like elephants, jam or your dog.

Cow Counting Game
Count the cows you see on your side of the car. You can limit the game to 20 minutes or an hour. If you pass a pub on your side of the road, you lose all your points. You can try to distract the other players, so they will not see the cows on their side of the car. The one with the most cow sightings is the winner when the time is up.

Simon Says (great games for younger kids)
The parent says ‘Simon said’ then list a number of different parts of the body, for example ‘Simon says put your hands on your foot’, ‘Simon says put your hands on your head’.

When you don’t say ‘Simon said’, for example ‘put your hands on your ears’, the kids are not supposed to move and if they do they are considered out. The last person playing wins.

Guessing animals
Think of an animal and describe it to the others who will have to guess what it is. I.e. It lives in Africa. It has stripes. It looks similar to a horse.

20 Questions
Think of a famous person or place and the other players have to guess what it is by asking no more than 20 questions.

Food game
Start by naming three items on your menu. One must be the main course, one a side item and one a dessert. Player two takes away one item and replaces it with their choice. Players can’t use the same items on back to back turns. i.e. You say, “I’m having fish fingers, with mashed potatoes, and chocolate cake for dessert”. Player two says “I’m changing the mashed potatoes to chips so I’ll have fish fingers, chips and chocolate cake.

Storybook Game
Say three words, i.e. laugh, monster, garden. Then another person has to tell a short story including all three chosen words. Once they have successfully completed the challenge, they can come up with three words for the next person.

If you know any more fun games to play in the car, please do share them with us!