Sands Resort Hotel wins Channel 4’s “Four in a Bed”

sands resort hotel winner of four in a bed channel 4

And the winner is….Sands Resort Hotel & Spa.

We are so happy and still can’t believe it. After a week of excitement Sands Resort Hotel was announced to be the winner of last week’s “Four in a Bed” on Channel 4.

The programme sees four accommodation providers take turns to stay with one another and pay what they consider fair based on criteria such as cleanliness, food and value for money.

Hotel owners Nicholas and Tom Malcolm and the rest of the team were delighted about the win.

Tom said that they were so chuffed to have won the programme and that it’s great for all the hard work of fellow staff to be recognised.

Nicholas who has owned Sands Resort Hotel since 1980 added that he and Tom really enjoyed their time filming and that the only negative moment was when they had to wear pink and orange headbands for the village games. Funny enough, we weren’t allowed to post a photo of the village games.

About the other contestants they said that they were either great fun or in the case of one, a bit challenging, but that they were told a bit of conflict makes good reality TV.

On being asked whether they would do it again, they both answered: “10 stars and a big yes.” If you missed it, you can still watch the show on the Channel 4 website.